With my first born turning six this week and with all the spare time I now have on my hands thanks to lockdown it gave me the opportunity to reflect on my pregnancies and pregnancy style.

 I worked throughout my pregnancies and with William (my first) I literally gave birth three days after leaving the office for maternity leave!! With my number two, Emilia, she was present at her Baby Shower, just to give you an idea of how late I left it to take leave!!

During that time, I struggled to find maternity clothes that were still elegant and chic which is why I did not end up purchasing anything specifically maternity designed but opted for either stretchy/fitted or flowing silhouettes from Zara and H&M as well as reworking items already in my wardrobe; for example, I once wore a Temperley skirt as a strapless mini dress – see image below!! 

Maternity clothes are regular clothes with a 200% mark-up!!SHMOMMIES POPPINS

I know I am far from being the only one to have had these frustrations as I have heard it time and time again from pregnant girlfriends and acquaintances, which is why I felt it apt to share some of my style advice and tips to get you through this special time in your life as you deserve to embrace it with the fabulousness and flair that you do in everyday life.   

I have to admit that I did enjoy ‘dressing the bump’ and was happy to fully embrace my blossoming tummy and the first time ‘Mum-to-be’ glow (Lord knows it all changed once I actually gave birth!!!) and I highly recommend you do the same! Apologies for the poor images but they were taken over six years ago with no intention of anyone ever seeing them!!!

As you can see from my pics, dresses were my go-to clothing item just for simplicity and ease; the fact that we were living in Dubai and it was the height of summer may have also played a part!! When I wasn’t in a dress I opted for leggings and an oversized rock-chick t-shirt. I never invested in a pair of maternity jeans, instead opting to use the hairband hack to close the fastening which I now regret. Since we all tend to live in denim, I do advise in finding a good pair of maternity jeans to see you through and Spanx maternity leggings are a must have. They may seem like a hefty investment at the start but trust me they will see you through the whole nine months and then some!!

Browsing through the H&M Mama selection I am extremely impressed with their offer this season! You can honestly build a chic and fashionable capsule wardrobe without forking out a great deal of cash! Some of the dresses they have under this department I would wear now)!!

Key essentials to see you through include black leggings, maternity skinny jeans in a dark denim wash, a couple of plain longer length stretch t-shirts, an oversized blazer and cardigan to throw over your shoulders, a stretch midi length dress and a couple of free-flowing dresses. In terms of footwear, for everyday running around I advise a pair of white sneakers such as those from Veja or a classic pair of Stan Smiths. For something a little more elegant and chic ballerinas are a failsafe; I have a number from French Sole which are extremely comfortable, and which show the perfect amount of toe cleavage (The Outnet always has options on sale).

There is nothing more elegant (pregnant or not) than a striped shirt, blazer on shoulders, slim fit jeans and a pair of ballerinas or classic sneakers!

As with everything remember to accessorize!! Earrings, headbands, skinny belts to go over your bump…. the list is endless and will just help to complete your look and make you feel super special and feminine.

There are not many maternity focused brands on the market but Hatch is worth a mention. They currently have some lovely pieces available in the Net-A-Porter sale….

Also Passenger from Australia is one to look at as they produce items from the topmost quality cotton which feel so luxurious and expensive and are investment pieces you can keep in your wardrobe long after you have given birth.

One last thing to mention is…underwear! Treat yourself to some nursing bras (ditch the underwiring towards the end as you don’t need to suffer) and some seamless shorts for comfort! I highly recommend the belly bands for support, warmth and to save the ever-expanding tummy from peeping out below your shirts. Again H&M have a great selection at very affordable price points.

Well, my BC Fashionistas I think that has you covered! Whatever stage of pregnancy you may be in please stop to enjoy and embrace it as it all goes too quickly and before you know it you are celebrating their 6th birthday and wondering where time has gone!! xx

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